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Volvo Fuel Parts:
Volvo Fuel Filter
Volvo Fuel Pump
Volvo Fuel Injector
Volvo Fuel Distributor
Volvo Fuel Accumulator
Volvo Fuel Pump Relay
Volvo Fuel Tank Sending Unit
Volvo Transmission Filter Kit
Volvo Fuel Tank Gas Cap
Volvo Fuel Level Sender
Volvo Warm Up Regulator
Volvo Cold Start Valve
Volvo Injector
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Related Volvo Fuel Product Information
  • When replacing Volvo fuel-related components, always follow the vehicle manufactures' safety, troubleshooting and specified service recommendations.

  • Replace Volvo fuel filters and Volvo oxygen sensors as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.

  • Vehicles that are driven in adverse conditions, such as dusty or sand roads should change fuel filters more frequently.

  • Check vacuum hoses for signs of cracking, and replace injector seals when installing new or remanufactured injectors - this will eliminate any unwanted air in the system, which can cause a lean rich mixture.


What is a core charge that is charged on certain products, such as a Volvo fuel distributor, Volvo fuel injectors and Volvo air mass meter / Volvo air mass sensor / Volvo air flow meter.
  • The core charge is an additional charge that is charged  / as a deposit on most remanufactured products to insure the old unit is returned to us. The core charge is refunded in full once we receive the old core unit in a fully intact re-buildable condition.

Do OEM Volvo fuel injectors include the seals, o-rings or injector holders?

  • No, most fuel injectors, new or remanufactured, do not include seals, o-rings or the holders, these should be purchased separately. Some diesel injectors do include the metal seal rings / heat shield.
Some of our O.E.M. online catalog Volvo fuel parts:  

Volvo Fuel Pump Volvo Fuel Filter Volvo Fuel Pumps
Volvo Fuel Filters Volvo Fuel Pump Relay Volvo Gas Cap Gasket
Volvo Fuel Accumulator Volvo Gas Tank Cap Volvo Fuel Sender Unit
Volvo Fuel Injector Volvo Fuel Cap Volvo Fuel Tank Sender
Volvo Fuel Distributor Volvo Fuel Cap Gasket Volvo Fuel Filters
Volvo Fuel Distributor Repair Kit Volvo Thermo Time Switch Volvo Fuel Distributor Valve Repair Kit
Volvo Tank Screen Filter Volvo Fuel Hose Volvo Fuel Injector Line
Volvo Fuel Fitted Hose Volvo Air Mass Meter Volvo Air Flow Sensor
Volvo Knock Sensor Volvo Pressure Regulator Volvo Warm Up Regulator
Volvo Oxygen Sensor Volvo Fuel Injector O-Rings Volvo Fuel Injector Seals