Lights! Car! Action! From an OEM headlight to an OEM tail light, Importec offers a large selection of OEM lights, lenses from bumper to bumper. Our huge selection of OEM lights and lenses such as a headlight, tail light, turn signal lens. fog light, xenon headlights are made from quality manufacturers such as Bosch, Hella, ULO, R&S. etc. In addition to our range of headlights, tail lights and fog lights, we also offer OEM replacement parts such as a  headlight lens, tail light lens, turn signal lens, fog light lens, interior light, courtesy lights and lenses, headlight frames/doors, side marker lenses, headlight bulbs, tail light bulbs and much much more. One more thing, remember when ordering left and right side lights and lenses on a left hand driven (U.S.A. Vehicles) - LEFT IS DRIVERS SIDE AND RIGHT IS PASSENGER SIDE - U.S.A. left hand driven vehicles only!!. Your one stop non stop import light shop.

Lights & Lenses:
Fog Light
Fog Light Lens
Maker Lens
Headlight Lens
Headlight Frame
Headlight Switch
Interior Light
Tail Light
Tail Light Lens
Turn Signal
Signal Lens
Marker Light
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Helpful tip:
  • Remember when ordering parts on a left hand (USA) driven vehicle - left and right side lights, lenses or anything on a motor vehicle - LEFT is anything on the DRIVERS SIDE of the vehicle and RIGHT is anything on the PASSENGER SIDE of the vehicle - U.S.A. left hand driven vehicles only!!.. When in doubt always feel free to call us at toll free 888-880-4832.
  • When installing tail light lenses do not over tighten the mounting screws, this will/can cause the lens to crack. Make sure your tail light and headlight seals and caps are not torn or unsealed, as this can cause moisture to penetrate on the inside of the light assembly which will result in the headlight or tail light malfunctioning and cause the reflectors to tarnish and taillight circuit boards to short out. Also always check the trunk seal - water in the trunk can be caused by a torn or old perished trunk seal.
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Some of our O.E.M.  online catalog Lights and Lenses and small parts:  

Headlight Tail Light Seal Light Bulbs
Head Light Headlight Lens Instrument Light Bulbs
Taillight Tail Light Lens Tail Light Bulbs
Tail Light License Plate Light Headlight Washer Nozzle
Fog Light License Plate Lens Grille
Turn Signal Headlight Cover Headlight Relay
Turn Signal Lens Headlight Frame Headlight Switch
Signal Lens Headlight Door Reflector
Horn Headlight Bulb Xenon Lights
Horns Bulbs Seal Beam
Headlight Seal Light Bulb Lights
Window Regulator Door Seals Door Check
Window Motor Trunk Seal Vacuum Supply Pump
Cigarette Lighter Window Seal Center Cap
Gear Shift Knob Windshield Seal Wheel Cap
Mirror Sunroof Seal Fender Trim
Mirror Glass Sunroof Seals Lenses
Window Switch Vacuum Supply Pump High Beam
Sunroof Switch Sunroof Guide Jaw Low Beam
Door Seal Window Guide Jaw Brake Light
Third Brake Light Brake Light Switch Reverse Light
European Headlights Reverse Light Switch Reverse Light Lens