Quality OEM Ignition parts from Importec. We stock quality OEM ignition parts for all your needs. From OEM: - ignition wires, ignition coil, ignition module, ignition distributor to spark plugs, distributor cap and distributor rotor, glow plugs and glow plug relays, ignition switch - Importec is your one stop non stop OEM ignition parts shop. Our OEM brand: - ignition coil, ignition wire sets, spark plugs, distributor caps and ignition rotors are by OEM brands such as Bosch, Beru, Bremi. We also stock a large range of OEM ignition modules, as well as remanufactured modules, and quality aftermarket Modules at hard to beat prices. We also offer free ground shipping on all your tune-up ignition parts orders on orders of $50.00 or more to the continental U.S.A. So next time your import vehicle needs an OEM: -  ignition wires, ignition coils, ignition module, ignition distributor, ignition switch, ignition lock, glow plugs or just a simple tune-up of spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor - Check with Importec - Toll Free 888-880-4832 or visit our online catalog 24/7 for all your import ignition parts.
Ignition Parts:
Distributor Cap
Cap and Rotor
Distributor Rotor
Ignition Wires
Spark Plugs
Spark Plug Wires
Ignition Module
Ignition Coil
Distributor Cap Gasket
Ignition Distributor
Ignition Wire Holder
Spark Plug Connector
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Ignition Helpful Information:  
  • Many ignition modules are supplied with a heat sink paste. It is important to apply the paste to the back of the ignition module when installing/mounting the ignition module to your vehicle. The heat sink paste, absorbs the heat that is let off from the body/engine of your vehicle and often the cause of the module malfunctioning.
  • If required or if available for your vehicle, always replace the distributor cap seal. Should moisture get into the ignition distributor, this will result in the vehicle running rough.
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Ignition Wires Ignition Control Unit Spark Plug Wires
Ignition Coil Starter Ignition Module
Distributor Cap Suppressor Housing Spark Plug Wire Set
Distributor Rotor Ignition Wire Holder Plugs
Cap and Rotor Suppressor End Glow Plugs
Distributor Cap Gasket Suppressor Cover Glow Plug Relay
Spark Plugs Ignition Distributor Wires
Fuel Fitted Hose Ignition Wire Distributor
Spark Plug Connector Ignition Switch Rotor Adaptor
Oxygen Sensor Coil Suppressor
Ignition Points Points PIck-Up Coil
Ignition Switch Ignition Lock Assembly Ignition Tumbler